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Celebrating our
10  Year Anniversary


It is with great pride that we announce that IBC will be celebrating its tenth-year anniversary in the year 2022.


The growth of IBC has been consistent and steady against the backdrop of volatile global markets and unforeseen headwinds like the Covid-19 pandemic. We owe this remarkable success to those who have worked hard, both on and behind the scenes, to make our vision a reality.


Today, more than ever, IBC is equipped with the skills, professionalism, and expertise to help our clients safely navigate the peaks and troughs of the global economy.


In the years to come, we look forward to the continuous work of refining our in-depth research methodology and risk management strategies in order to deliver on our promise of excellence, resilience, and sustainability to our clients.


On behalf of IBC, we thank all our clients for joining us in this amazing journey for the past ten years. It would not have been possible without your continuous support.


From the Management Team at
International Business Capital Pte Ltd

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