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Wealth Management

Liberalization of many economies has facilitated growth in the wealth management industry and this has enabled the provision of more sophisticated products to investors. IBC leverages on its financial expertise and market research skills to identify trophy investment targets with high barriers to entry and strong cash flows. IBC provides clients with direct access to professionally regulated advisors and managers to create and maintain their wealth. 

IBC’s strategic wealth and financial planning services enable its clients to protect, preserve and accumulate wealth through a structured and diversified investment portfolio, understanding their risk management preference, and planning accordingly for lifestyle, education, retirement, and taxation needs in a holistic manner.


Our research publication, the IBC Global Monitor combines insights on key markets in the region. Accordingly, we have identified capital markets, credit and leasing as a high-potential investment sector, supported by strong fundamentals in the economy.

In line with our market outlook research on capital markets, IBC assists our clients to capitalize on the investment potential of a diversified portfolio in a rapidly expanding economy.


Acquisition and Financing

Strategically located in the heart of Asia Pacific and brimming with natural and human resources, Singapore and Malaysia are well positioned to rely on relatively high economic stability and peaceful environment to tap into one of the fastest growing and dynamic regions in the world.

IBC’s economic research and portfolio management arm is well placed to assist its clients with identifying and executing lucrative investments across a broad range of sectors in a safe and secure business climate.


Overseas Market Entry

Companies all over the world are seeking entry into the exciting and highly lucrative Malaysian and Middle Eastern market. IBC is able to advise on a wide range of business and investment structures, facilitating cross-border transactions, business alliances, and regulatory and communications management involving government bodies.

IBC can also provide a full suite of business risk analysis plus important insights into government, competition and regulation to give potential entrants a definitive edge for market entry. These in-depth specialized services offer sound options and market entry strategies for regional businesses going global or global businesses looking at penetrating new burgeoning markets.

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